Protect Your Rights as a Father

A paternal rights attorney will represent you in Doral, Homestead, Miami, FL or the surrounding area

Separating from a romantic relationship shouldn't mean forfeiting your paternal rights. Many unmarried fathers worry about losing their relationship and time with their children. It's important to hire a lawyer from GCC Law Center for help establishing paternity in Doral, FL or surrounding areas, including Coral Gables.

If you've had a child with someone you aren't married to, you might worry that the court won't award you paternity. Attorney Gigi Carbonell knows how to help you prepare for your hearing. She'll help you look into paternity tests and other factors, then advocate on your behalf. Consult attorney Carbonell on establishing paternity in Doral or Coral Gables, FL today.

Understand the ins and outs of child support law

Maybe you're getting divorced or separated and worried about the child support agreement. You want to make sure that the settlement is fair. Attorney Gigi Carbonell will explain the guidelines surrounding child support to you. Certain factors may increase your obligation, such as child care costs related to medical insurance and the age of the child. Once you're aware of these intricacies, you can more effectively fight for your paternal rights.

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