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Make a homeowners insurance claim in or around Doral, Homestead, Miami, FL

Your home is a huge investment. Luckily, most damage to it can often be covered by your insurance - if you file for it correctly. GCC Law Center can guide you through the homeowners insurance claim process in Doral, FL or elsewhere in Miami-Dade County. With GCC Law Center, you get the adjuster and the attorney for your case - no need to spend extra monies on a separate public adjuster. Attorney Gigi Carbonell and her team will help you through the entire process, from beginning to end.

Ask Gigi Carbonell for advice on homeowners insurance now. You can call her at 305-922-0575.

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You can turn to Gigi Carbonell and her law firm for insurance claim assistance. First, Attorney Carbonell can help you make the claim. Once the claim is placed, the Insurance company will send out an adjuster to inspect the property and the damage. The firm will also send out their own adjuster to document the damages. Attorney Carbonell will work closely with the insurance adjuster to ensure all damages are covered by the policy and paid out to you, the insured. You may receive an initial payment. However, this firm will request a supplemental payment if the initial payment is not what was estimated for the amount of damages.

If you're denied your initial claim, or the insurance company refuses to honor the supplemental request, our attorney will represent you in court - even if you didn't originally work with us. Most homeowners insurance claim issues are settled outside of court. Our team will make the process smoother for our clients.

Please remember that you need to file a claim related to water damage within 14 days of the incident. Otherwise, you may lose coverage for that incident.

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