Ending a Marriage Is Stressful

You need support during divorce mediation and litigation in Doral, Homestead, Miami, FL or surrounding areas

No one gets married expecting to get a divorce. Unfortunately, sometimes the time comes when you need to go separate ways. You'll need to come to a settlement about property, spousal support and child custody. You don't have to face divorce mediation alone. An attorney from GCC Law Center can represent you in Doral, Homestead, Miami, FL or the surrounding area. Attorney Gigi Carbonell is passionate about family law and will fight for your best interests.

Discuss your situation with attorney Gigi Carbonell now. She speaks both English and Spanish and has offices in Coral Gables and Doral, FL.

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Divorce mediation doesn't always result in a settlement. That's when you need an experienced divorce litigator. Attorney Gigi Carbonell will advocate passionately on your behalf. You'll get thorough guidance through every step of the process when you work with her. Plus, she knows what the courts consider during these hearings. Some important factors include:

  • The salary of each person
  • The standard of living of each person
  • The length of the marriage
Because only a small percentage of divorces go to trial, it can be difficult to find an experienced divorce litigator in Doral or Coral Gables, FL. Hire attorney Gigi Carbonell today to work with a skilled litigator who will have your back at every turn.