Adjust Your Child Support Agreement

Work with an established child support attorney based in Doral, FL

Child support isn't set in stone. It can be changed as time goes on through mediation or litigation. GCC Law Center assists with child support modifications in Doral, Homestead, Miami FL and surrounding areas, including Coral Gables. Our Spanish and English-speaking attorney, Gigi Carbonell, can represent you if you want to change your current plan.

Maybe the other parent of your child isn't making their child support payments. Attorney Gigi Carbonell can represent you in a court hearing, too. The judge may order the other parent to make back payments. They may also be penalized with fines, interest or even jail time.

Speak with a respected attorney about child support modifications and failures to pay now.

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You need a lot of information on child support. The settlement and modification processes can be complicated. Our child support attorney can explain it all to you. Attorney Gigi Carbonell is knowledgeable, experienced and deeply empathetic. She'll help you navigate the law.

First, you'll need to supply documents, including financial affidavits, verifying expenses and income. That's because a child support ruling in Doral or Coral Gables, FL is often determined based on:

  • The likelihood of the parents maintaining ties with each other
  • Where the child primarily lives and attends school
  • The permanence of the child's proposed home
  • Each parent's physical and mental state
  • Each parent's ability to provide for children
  • Any history of domestic violence
Make an appointment with a child support attorney today. We have offices in both Coral Gables and Doral, FL.